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ART PROJECT BELLFLOWER is not just your local art supply store. Yes, we offer a variety of  art supplies for everyone from the simply curious to the deeply passionate but, we have so much more!
Our mission is to make art accessible to everyone by creating an inclusive space where the community may learn about, interact with and create art. 
We believe art is the universal form of tangible communication among all people that lives on through time.  It leads to a society that values and embraces each member's individuality. Through its open-ended process,  We believe in the ability of art to promote confidence, creativity, patience, self-expression, dedication and discipline. The value of art extends to teaching problem-solving skills, decision making skills; and even establishing neural connections and motor skills. We believe in the utmost respect of one another’s individuality and we cherish our partners, customers and the community.

Located in downtown Bellflower, you’ll find a specially curated selection of art books, gifts, kits and items from local artists and makers that we’re very excited about. Art is the core of who we are and aim to provide different ways for you to experience it! We feature workshops where we can have fun and get messy while learning a thing or two about the art process and our inner artist. Walking through the store you’ll see various art installations and murals created by our founder Miriam Bricio, we’re so excited to have you visit!

Our owner, Miriam is a lifelong, multi-disciplined artist who focuses on murals and digital illustrations. Art has been an important part of her life. For Miriam, art is community, it brings her peace and tranquility and gives her a platform express herself and try new things. It allows her to appreciate people through all the art around her. She see art in architecture, landscaping, clothing, packaging, household items, cars on the street items and it doesn’t stop there, for like she says “someone’s art is absolutely everywhere” 

When she’s not creating art or experiences for you to have at Art Project, Miriam is hanging out with her husband and three kids ages 5, 2 and 1 in their hometown of Bellflower, California. They enjoy watching movies, especially Disney movies (that occasionally have her and her husband crying and the kids wondering why their parents are crying) , exploring the outside and doing art projects together (which led to the idea for Art Project!). 

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